Play as Bright who has the ambition to become the best basketball player at his local gym, but there is a huge obstacle in the way, his older brother Sunny, can Bright rise up & beat his older brother Sunny? Play Basketball RPG today & find out!

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fun but opponents are stupi


Multiplayer would be good, also tomorrow I want to make a video, playing this. Good game imo 9/10

You aren't supposed to be able to go to the other side of the court.


I like it

nice thumbnail, is that some guy going super sayin

The music slaps


If all sports game were like this... I would be the biggest fan. This was such a unique and fun take on Basketball. I can't wait to see more of it. Keep it up! 

Thanks a bunch for the video & review. Glad you enjoyed yourself!



This game is pretty fun. I played through it and managed to beat the campaign. It would be nice if you didn't have to go back to the main menu after winning a campaign match though.

The extra features definitely add some cool options to the game. Like watching a computer vs computer match or even doing a human vs human match. 

There were times that I wanted to take a shot from a certain spot but couldn't move there because you have to move 2 spaces when you're on offence. It would be nice to optionally take 1 step if you feel like its all you need to line up a shot.

I do get this error message when initially loading the page but clicking "OK" loads the game up perfectly fine.

I didn't grab a screenshot but after beating your brother there seems like there should be a cutscene or graphic, but the screen was all white with just a button to click on bringing you back to the main menu. I assume the white screen was supposed to be some story or congratulations screen.

I'm on Google Chrome Version 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit) if that helps track down these weird behaviors. The game was a great with much more polish than i'm using to seeing from Jabrils lol

Thanks for the review! I've patched all the bugs listed here, & the suggestion about being forced to move 2 spaces is a good note. I will consider it for future potential patches!


Bro this is sick, Im a nerd ball player.. you need a party system and levelling.... super moves (dunk on the fools)

Great suggestion idea!

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This is so cool I actually felt really strong emotions out of this RPG game so really good job with the game design


This is so fun


bro this is the best sport game I've ever played